Important Messages
2018 Changes in Status and New Employees

The 2018 open enrollment period ended on November 6, 2017. New state employees hired on or after October 2, 2017 who were unable to enroll by the November 6 deadline because they had not been assigned a NYS EMPLID may enroll for the 2018 plan year by submitting a Change in Status application within 60 days of their hire date. Current employees who experience a valid change in status on or after November 7, 2017 or during the 2018 plan year may be eligible to enroll by submitting a Change in Status application within 60 days of their qualifying event. Review the 2018 Change in Status information to determine if your situation qualifies you to enroll during the plan year. Change in Status requests will be accepted until November 4, 2018.

The DCAA Employer Contribution is Now Available for Council 82

The DCAA Employer Contribution is now available for Council 82 (BU #61, and #91). If you are already enrolled you do not need to take any action; you will receive an e-mail notification shortly. If you would like to enroll please review eligible changes in status or call 1-800-358-7202 to find out how to enroll today.

Employer Contribution Information for the 2018 Plan Year

The DCAAccount Employer Contribution will continue in 2018 for unions that participate in the program and have ratified contracts with the State. At present, Executive Branch state agency employees who are M/C, or represented by CSEA, PEF, GSEU, SUNY Construction Fund, or Rent Regulation Services DC-37, or Council 82, or employed by the Legislature are eligible for the DCAAccount Employer Contribution. Employees of Roswell Park Cancer Institute who are M/C or represented by CSEA or PEF are also eligible for the Employer Contribution, as well as employees of ERDA and EFC.

The Employer Contribution may be available to state employees in other bargaining units for the 2018 plan year pending conclusion of negotiations and ratified contracts, but will not be applied retroactively to the beginning of the plan year. Based on salary, the Employer Contribution will provide up to $800 for eligible employees who enroll in the DCAAccount. For Employer Contribution updates please check back here.

Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor